The essence of beneficial active ingredients.
100% organic.

LUCKY PLANT® is THE natural fortifier for healthy plants. Its beneficial effect has been scientifically proven: LUCKY PLANT® strengthens the plant‘s own defences and helps your plants to grow and stay healthy.

It promotes the uptake of nutrients and allows stressed and weakened plants to regenerate. And it is also 100% organic, as LUCKY PLANT® is based on a natural wild herb extract.

LUCKY PLANT® Starterbox

LUCKY PLANT® contributes towards the overall maintenance of health, regeneration and nourishment of all decorative plants. Healthy plants are more resilient and therefore less susceptible to sickness and stress. LUCKY PLANT® is easy to use and produces convincing results. Simply add one measuring cup to your plants‘ water and rejoice at the results.

  • strengthens weakened plants
  • promotes the plant’s own ability to regenerate
  • promotes root growth and thus the uptake of nutrients
  • enhances growth
  • improves flower formation and flower vitality
  • 100% organic with no chemical additives

No side-effects for people, beneficial organisms or the ecosystem.

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Simple – safe – reliable. Easy watering of lawns, flower boxes and potted plants with the LUCKY PLANT® Aquamix. In combination with LUCKY PLANT® the ideal solution for every garden. Automatic mixing of the LUCKY PLANT® concentration with the irrigation water. Tedious carrying of the watering can is no longer necessary. Easy handling: Fill in LUCKY PLANT® – Unscrew dosing part – Connect the tube to AquaMix – Adjust mixing ratio – Let’s go!

  • Scope of delivery: 1 piece including 100 grams LUCKY PLANT®
  • Pour and apply LUCKY PLANT® correctly dosed in one operation
  • Simply connect to the garden tube and set the desired mixing ratio.
  • Selectable mixing ratios: 0.2%; 0.5%; 1.0% or 2.0%.
  • Tank volume 1.25 litres

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100% Bio and without chemicals

Very productive

Easy to use

Effect scientifically proven

Free shipping

“A plant’s outward appearance only tells half the story”

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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